Why is everyone switching to Construction Document Management Software?

Think constructing a building is a straight-forward task? Think again. Ask any construction professional. A lot goes into turning a design into reality. With all stakeholders, from owners, to subcontractors, to city planners, inspectors and others, keeping track of it all is a mammoth task. Project managers spend their days assigning tasks, monitoring workers, adjusting… Read More

Transform The Way Teams Collaborate With Construction Project Management Software

In the construction industry, AEC professionals lose countless hours dealing with paper documents. Seemingly minor delays searching through paper often add up to more than 8 hours a week. That’s a full day lost, just to paper. Handling construction document management manually requires the sifting through email, digging through paper documents, and searching digital files.… Read More

Stay Connected with SKYSITE’s Sync Application

Having trouble keeping everyone on the same page? Finding it difficult to get information to team members who are rarely in the office? From an updated floorplan, to an RFI response, or a Punchlist item, ensuring your team always has the latest information at their fingertips can be a challenge. SKYSITE has been engineered from… Read More

Introducing Large File Uploads with Session Saves

Every project generates a massive number of files and information and uploading all those folders and files becomes nearly impossible. Previously, the threat of session timeouts during large uploads loomed over this part of the workflow. Annoying, we know. So we spent some time developing a solution that should make this large batch upload less… Read More

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